If a lady gave you 5 dollars to get her a sandwich at a deli shop 10 miles away and your hands had suddenly transformed into pillows and your feet turned into pogosticks and it was raining outside but it was 100 degrees out and you could take the bus but you only had a 5 dollar bill and no change, would you use your pogostick feet to get to the deli shop, take the money and run pogostick away, or would you hit the lady with your pillow hands and tell her to get her own goddamn sandwich also what’s your favorite color?

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  7. reginacorn said: I would call the deli shop with her order take the 5 dollars and calmly pogo away Also, green
  8. dreamcarver answered: Purchase sandwich to gain exact bus fare, give sandwich, then spend next half hour attempting to insert bus fare because of pillowhand probs.
  9. strider-turntechgodhead answered: i give you a hamburger
  10. suddenlyeridan answered: Pogo to the sandwich shop and buy her the damn sandwich. She better give me something in return though.
  11. tadpals answered: blue, and i would hit her with my pillow hands and tell her to get her own goddamn sandwich
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  13. sneak4000 answered: I would pogo to the sandwich shop, also my favorite color is white (color not race why would you even think I was being racist)
  14. canonsatan answered: Pink
  15. tibbythecat answered: The color called ‘I’m fucking scared’
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  18. spookyalchemyanon answered: bagel color is mi favorite color and i would teach her about bagels
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  20. punkrockhomura answered: I would give her a hamburger, also my favorite color is fuck-blue. Yes, it’s a real color.
  21. yangxiaolong answered: i would get myself a sandwich. also my favorite colors are any pastels because pastels
  22. a-world-of-gamma-radiation answered: I give you a cheese burger
  23. demonica-kind answered: GGGGG GGGGGGGGG GGGG GGGGGGGG GG
  24. shslvlhope answered: what || also my favourite colour is green
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  26. the-naevius-show answered: ……………Twelve?
  27. gallifrey-feels answered: I give you a hamburger
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  29. daynajurgens answered: blue
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  31. onehappynerdygayguy answered: I give you a hamburger
  32. ksonna answered: Woah, suddenly it’s 2005 and we’re all 14-year-olds on Gaia Online!
  33. gamersfolly answered: first, I would smack her with my pillow hands and tell her to get her own sandwich. second, purple.
  34. affabletheorist said: Also, it’s a tie between the color you get when you look not at, but near a light though a thick piece of cobalt glass, and the same except emerald glass.
  35. affabletheorist answered: I would tell her to get her own godamn sammich, I’m a bit busy figuring out why the fuck my hands are pillows. If I cant fix it, I cant tumbl
  36. mrminun answered: Id get her the fucking sandwich. GREEN MOTHAFUCKA
  37. minn-maigi said: (damn auto-enter) But yeah, I have a bus pass so I’d just bus there anyways. However, if I REALLY couldn’t take the bus, then I’d pogo-stick there. I’ve never been on a pogo-stick and the adventure would be fun. Also, green.
  38. minn-maigi answered: 100 degrees is really, really hot, right? I can never remember the proper conversions…
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